Research Packs

A Research Pack is a set of easy-to-use materials that guides students and teachers through the process of focused research and writing to inform or explain. The Kindergarten – Grade 5 Research Packs were collaboratively developed by educators under the guidance of the Vermont Writing Collaborative. These lessons have been developed with an emphasis on key aspects of the Common Core, including building knowledge from reading grade-level informational text and using evidence from text in writing.

Each pack is designed to substantially address a content standard and build a focused knowledge base and solidly addresses Writing Standards 2, 7 and 8. Each pack requires one high-quality informational text per child, supplemented by free or low cost sources.

Student facing materials and a uniform structure across grades support teachers and students in constructing a viable model for approaching tasks that integrate reading, writing and research. Each pack contains lessons that follow the Gradual Release of Responsibility by including a full class task (approximately 3 weeks), a peer supported group task (2 weeks) and for grades 3 – 5, an independent research task (approximately 2 weeks). Teachers can choose to use one, two, or three of the components.

Thank You!

Research Packs are based on the Writing for Understanding approach and are joint project of The Vermont Writing Collaborative and Student Achievement Partners. Special thanks to the talented educators who helped to design and create the Packs:

Nicole Jackson, Jandella Faulkner, Lisa Worsham

Cathy Newton, Suzan Locke

Janet Bellavance, Cathy Schmidt, Karen Kurzman

Bev Davis, Elaine Collins

Farren Liben, Jane Miller

Meg Leddy-Cecere, Sara Clarke

Diana Leddy, Joey Hawkins, Kristin Armstrong, Marty Gephart, David Liben, Meredith Liben